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 Stop Motion Videos

Talk About Tsetses

Let us talk about tsetse flies and their impact on health.

This is an public engagement video on tsetse flies and trypanosoma.

Video created by Tiarna Meehan, Pharmacology BSc(Hons) student within MVLS at the University of Glasgow.

Please give her your feedback

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Sleeping Sickness: A tale of Shape Shifting Parasites

Learn more about the human African trypanosomiasis.

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 Feature Videos

Malawi Tour 2022

Watch an overview of the public engagements of the Street Scientists in Malawi, particularly in Rumphi and Nkhotakota in October 2022.

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Scotland - Furhill 2022

Our Street Scientists gave the Partick Thistle fans a chance to get involved with learning the science behind the spread of infections and the role of antibodies within the body.

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Scotland - Surge Festival 2021

Parasite Street Science at Surge Festival 2021 in Glasgow.

This is a 360o Video. Hence please use your cursor on the Video, or move your phone around if you are viewing on a phone to move round the festival site.

The video is best viewed from resolution 1080sHD and above.

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 Behind the Scenes and Interviews

Malawi Tour 2022: Dr Walt Adamson

Hear from Dr Walt Adamson on his experiences on the Street Science performances in Malawi, 2022

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Malawi Tour 2022: Assoc Prof Janelisa Musaya

Hear from Associate Prof Janelisa Musaya on her experiences on the Project.

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Malawi Tour 2022: Dr Nicola Veitch

Hear from Dr Nicola Veitch on her experiences in the Project.

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Malawi Tour 2022: Alan Richardson

Get to know the Theatre Director Alan, and his thought on the Performances

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Malawi Tour 2022: Bwanalori Mwamlima

Get to know Bwanalori Mwamlima

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Malawi Tour 2022: Fredrick Jumah

Get to know Fredrick Jumah

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Malawi Tour 2022: John Alufandika

Get to know John Alufandika

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Malawi Tour 2022: Hannah Bialic

Get to know Hannah Bialic

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Malawi Tour 2022: Lumbani Pete

Get to know Lumbani Pete

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